We are striving to equip and empower teenagers to use their voice and influence to impact their peers in positive ways.


At the core of what we do are our classroom sessions, teens impacting other teens with a message of positivity and support.


Find out more about our newly launched program for 9th grade students in our region.


This is our program for 7th and 8th grade students; packed with tons of fun and meaningful events and activities


This is our program for 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students; packed with tons of fun and meaningful events and activities.



We continue to monitor, manage, and update our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic with as much insight and up-to-date information as possible while making efforts to follow and adhere to necessary precautions and guidelines. Some of our events and gatherings are being converted into virtual events that students can still participate in online and we have also implemented an innovative project-team approach to this school year for students to be involved in: Virtual Classroom Sessions Team, Podcast Team, and Service Project Team. Our full staff team is continuing to work, engaging and reaching out to students via various social media and technology options, including live Instagram events, Zoom meetings, phone calls, etc. We have also begun in-person events where we sanitize regularly and require attendees to wear masks and to pass a temperature screening before entering. Most of our events will have both virtual and in-person options to fit each individual student’s needs and circumstances. Please do no hesitate to call our office at 706-322-6186 with any questions or concerns we can address.

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Teen Advisors began in 1987 when a mother saw teenagers she cared about making extremely poor, and sometimes even dangerous, decisions all because the tide of negative peer pressure was becoming too much for them to bear. She decided she could not leave these students alone to fight the rising tide.

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Find out more about IMPACT 2022, Campaign to 100, and all the exciting plans we have for TAs!

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