Peer Pressure. At no point in our lives is this force more powerful than during our formative teenage years. Most often, we only hear about peer pressure’s negative effects…

Rather than fighting against peer pressure, Teen Advisors has created a unique method of harnessing its power, and unleashing it for good in schools and in our community. Positive Peer Pressure! Students influencing each other to avoid drugs & alcohol… to save sex for marriage… to reach out to other students with their friendship… to prioritize their character and integrity over their image.

Teenagers have influence with their peers. They have a voice. We unify that voice and give them a platform to use their voice to truly make a difference!

Passionate Concern

Sharing our lives for the benefit of others

We show passionate concern by reaching out to those inside and outside the organization by genuinely seeking opportunities to listen, support, and share our experiences

Supportive Relationships

Providing an environment of acceptance where it is safe to be real

We build supportive relationships by providing opportunities for interaction that are fun, free from negative peer pressure, and full of encouragement.

Loving Accountability

Committing together to uphold our integrity

We keep each other lovingly accountable by agreeing to live a lifestyle of integrity and to abstain from drugs and alcohol. We also agree to turn ourselves in should we break our word and to lovingly confront others who may have broken theirs.

Character Development

Equipping students to build character and lead by example

We spur character development through instruction like in classroom session trainings, and through intensive contact with leaders and situations that require leadership such as our classroom sessions and monthly events.

Christian Principles

Depending on God and His Word as our ultimate model and foundation

We hold Jesus Christ as the example for everything we do, and that is plainly evident throughout our organization. Our classroom material, however, is not religious in nature, and we welcome students of different faiths and backgrounds.