Our Vision

Our vision is to give the gift…

The gift of choice to every student:

  • Freedom from the trap of conformity
  • Strength from the bonds of authentic friendship

We have touched the lives of over 75,000 students in 31 years and that number is only growing!

The gift of peace to every parent:

  • Relief because their children live with a constant safety net
  • Satisfaction because their children model courage and lead others

We envision hundreds of parents volunteering weekly, contributing monthly and celebrating yearly the work of Teen Advisors because of the difference it makes to their family life.

The gift of transformation to our community:

  • We imagine “integrity life-boats” in every high school and middle school to rescue kids from a sea of moral apathy.
  • We see “oak tree teenagers” standing tall against the winds of peer pressure.
  • We can feel the moral fabric of cities and communities growing stronger over years of supporting the character development of students.