Interested in working for Teen Advisors?

We don't currently have any openings, but we will take applications any time for future consideration.

You may also find information about our internship program here.

Our staff possess a wealth of experience and knowledge in youth education and leadership development. Additionally, our staff are trained and certified periodically via:

  • Darkness to Light (preventing and recognizing child abuse/neglect)
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid  (responding to and recognizing youth mental health crises)
  • CPR, AED, and First Aid (responding to and recognizing physical distress or health crises)
  • Trauma-Informed Care (recognizing and caring for teens/families with trauma histories)
  • teen Mental Health First Aid (certifying teens to respond to teen mental health crises)

Teen Advisors Board of Directors

2023-2024 Board of Directors

Sonya Allen

Molly Baker

Susan Barnes – Staff Representative (non-voting)

Nathan Carr – Treasurer

Will Chambliss

Andrew Cowart

Louise Davidson

Cathy DiQuattro

Raven Henderson

Christine Hull

Brad Jiles – Co-Board Chair

Stephen Kump – Vice Treasurer

Stefan Lawrence

Jacque Leerssen

Colt Miley – Vice-Board Chair

Patrice Riley

Derik Roberts – Executive Director

Cindy Sargent – Secretary (non-voting)

Playol Shippey

Anna Sims – Co-Board Chair

Hayley Tillery

DB Woolbright

Michael Wright

Admin Team

Derik Roberts

Executive Director

Cindy Sargent

Financial Director,

Volunteer Director

Jen High

Office Manager

Susan Barnes

Special Projects Director

High School Team (Teen Advisors)

Aaron Wall


Marie Arballo

Associate Director,

Grad Staff/Intern Director

Emilie Proctor

Field Staff

Isabella Kessler

Field Staff

Brad Payne

Field Staff

Middle School Team (Velocity)

Natalie Griffin


Elijah Wallace

Interim Associate Director

Shinaicia Jones

Field Staff

Patricia Riley

Patricia Riley

Field Staff

Elementary Team (Ignite)

Tabata Boyd


Jasmine Barmore

Field Staff

Felicity Acosta

Field Staff



Velocity Intern


Velocity Intern


Ignite Intern