Our Mission

Student to student impact exists in every school, as teens are more likely to listen to their peers than any other age group. Most often, this comes in the form of negative peer pressure: students influencing other students to fit in by drinking or cheating or being sexually active or engaging in other dangerous priority health risk behaviors.

We know there are students in every school who are making good choices with their lives – students who are avoiding drugs and sex – students who are living a lifestyle of integrity. The problem is that these students often feel alone in the positive decisions they are making…

…but they are not alone. What if these students could join together and strengthen each other in their stand for values and integrity? And what if, by coming together, they could actually create a movement that counters the negative peer pressure that seems to govern their schools?

This is the mission of Teen Advisors: to empower and equip students to impact their peers through positive peer pressure. When students commit to stand for integrity, the influence and momentum of peer pressure is leveraged for good and the effectiveness of student to student impact is multiplied! We believe that the students who are choosing to "live real" by making integrity-based decisions are "really living."