Grad Staff

WELCOME GRAD STAFF!  Teen Advisors, Inc. offers a program geared towards college-aged students in our region from a plethora of different colleges and universities each year, known as our Grad Staff program. This program seeks to give Grad Staff the opportunity to serve and mentor our high school and middle school students while allowing for community and relationship-building amongst themselves. Some of these opportunities include volunteering at different program events, helping lead small groups, and simply being a role model to our students. While the volunteer work that our Grad Staff do is paramount to our success, we also offer events geared toward creating and building relationships, strengthening the Grad Staff individually and collectively, and having SO much fun! 

In 2021 we launched a discipleship program specifically for our grad staff. This optional program (you can participate in Grad Staff without participating in this aspect of the program) is designed with building deep relationships in mind. We pair up a grad staff member and a Teen Advisors, Inc. staff member, providing weekly opportunities for relationship building, accountability, and walking through learning and leading Bible studies throughout the year. We understand college can be a tricky season in life, learning to navigate academic, personal, and social schedules. We would love to come alongside you, live life with you, and work together as we reach youth in our community. Your commitment to grad staff will be a commitment to living lives of integrity as you continue into college. While also giving you the freedom to be as involved as your schedule allows. We promise to have fun and love well.

You can register by clicking on the link HERE. If you have any questions about serving on Grad Staff, contact our office and ask to speak with Marie Arballo.

If you have a heart for teens and ministry, joining the grad staff program is a great opportunity for you! Whether you are here in town or in a different city, this could be a great fit for you. You'll have opportunities to learn how to lead and gain experience through mentoring teenagers in our community. We hope you consider to join us as we seek to live lives of integrity, joining us as we choose to abstain from drugs, alcohol, and sex, all while being role models to our students and beyond! Whatever level of commitment you can give, we promise to make it worth your while!