When is V-day?

V-Day -- Sat., September 30

Where will V-day be held?

V-Day will be at St. Mark UMC in Columbus, GA

Does my child have to attend V-day?

Attendance at V-day is mandatory to participate in Velocity for 2023-2024 school year. We realize that there are other things going on, however, this is the only mandatory activity we require all year. If you have a conflict on that date, please contact our office to discuss additional opportunities to join.

My child was in Velocity last year. Does he/she still have to attend V-day?

Attendance at V-day is mandatory to participate in Velocity for 2023-2024 school year, regardless of whether or not the student was in Velocity last year.

Can my child come late or leave early from V-day?

Attendance at the entire V-day is mandatory. Students are not permitted to come late or leave early. For special circumstances to be considered, please call our office to discuss the need.

My child was in Velocity last year - can he/she come late or leave early from V-day?

Attendance at the entire V-day (10am-4:00pm) is mandatory. Students are not permitted to come late or leave early, regardless of whether the student was in Velocity last year. For special circumstances to be considered, please call our office to discuss the need.

Why does my child have to be at the entire V-day?

V-day is the only time that we require students to attend. We feel it is important that students meet other students in our organization and have that time together as a unified group at the beginning of the school year. We also feel it’s very important that all students understand what our organization is about, what integrity actually means, and understands how to do a Classroom Session well. Even for students who have been a part of Velocity the previous year, we feel there is more to be learned about those things their second year in the program. We encourage students who feel like they may know everything about Velocity and integrity already to view themselves as leaders at V-day who can help and encourage other students who are not quite sure about everything they are signing up for. Velocity operates off the premise of being a support group for one another- holding each other accountable and encouraging one another. We set the tone for the year at V-day, so it’s important for all our students to be there and begin building those relationships with one another there.

We recognize that we live in an increasing busy culture and there are many demands for our students’ time. We believe that V-day is important for us to require it to be mandatory and to be the only thing we require our students to attend for the entire school year. For special circumstances to be considered, please call our office to discuss the need.

Do parents have to attend V-day?

There is a mandatory parent meeting. Only one parent/guardian is required to attend.

If there is missing paperwork or fees, a parent will need to come inside at the beginning of V-day to take care of this. To avoid lines, we strongly encourage parents to take care of all registration fees and forms by the deadline.

You can sign up on-site at V-day but this is less preferred than registering online prior to the event for obvious reasons.

Other than that, parents are not required to attend, and we encourage parents to allow their students this time to be independent and meet new people. If your child has a special need in which you feel you need to be present or if you are interested in volunteering, you are welcome to stay. All adults staying at V-day must check in with our Adult Volunteer Director, Cindy Sargent, upon arrival at V-day.

Is it okay for my child to attend both V-days this fall?

We love hearing students ask to come back to another V-day, but because of the size of V-day, we have to ask that our students only attend one V-day per year. But we'll have lots of monthly and weekly events for your student(s) to partake in throughout the year after they join!

What does my child need to bring to V-day?

Bring a snack to share: all the snacks will be added together to assemble our snack table.

Examples: homemade cookies or brownies, fruit or veggie trays, little debbie snacks, fruit snacks, etc.

Optional items to bring:

  1. Something to sit on. We will be sitting on the floor all throughout the day. Typically, in the past, as a whole, our students have not been bringing things to sit on. However, if sitting on the floor sounds uncomfortable, we would strongly encourage you to bring a seat without legs. Our high school students often use something like this on their fall retreat. 
  2. A light-weight jacket if you are cold-natured. Usually, the temperature is great and often we’re more prone to be hot, but we’ve had occasions where we were a little chilly and were not able to adjust the temperature of the room.
  3. “Extra blessings” for Teen Advisors, Inc. We’ll be collecting Forever stamps, easy/self-seal legal sized envelopes, toilet paper, and paper towels at V-day for our organization to use throughout the year. If you’d like to contribute, there will be a box at the front upon arrival
What is being served for lunch?

Pizza will be provided for lunch. If your child has special dietary needs, feel free to pack them a lunch for the day. We will be happy to store it in the fridge for them if needed.

What should I do if my child has a physical injury/disability preventing them from being able to play active games?

V-day is a mix of sitting on the floor having small group discussions and more active games and activities. If your child is able to participate or modify a game in order to participate, we would love to have them join in. However, if they are not able to participate, of course that is okay! Make sure they let their group leader know if they are unable to participate or need assistance in a game and we’ll make sure to accommodate them.

If your child has special needs, please notify a staff member or adult volunteer prior to V-day.

Is it okay if my high school/college age child comes to help at V-day/comes with their younger sibling to V-day?

We require that all high school and college aged students who attend our events be enrolled in Teen Advisors or Grad Staff and attend an hour long training prior to helping at any Velocity Big Event for the year. If your child is enrolled in one of the following programs and has not received training, they need to contact a Velocity staff member to set up a training time prior to V-day in order to help. We do not train in the two days leading up to V-day.

If your child is not enrolled in Teen Advisors or Grad Staff, they are not permitted to attend unless they are working alongside their parent with the Adult Volunteers (usually in the kitchen helping with snacks and lunch). Student volunteers must be a part of our program and have completed a training in order to participate in any of the activities with the Velocity students.

Am I going to get something in the mail with information about V-day?

Yes, we typically send out information via snail mail a week prior to V-day. We also send the same information out via email. If you have not received either, no worries- all the information you need is on this page!

I'm having a hard time getting in touch with a staff member prior to V-day. What should I do?

Please be patient with us. V-day requires a lot of preparation beforehand. We spend a lot of time trying to answer emails and phone calls, as well as setting up the event beforehand. If it is pressing and your questions has not been addressed here, please continue to contact the Velocity staff beforehand and be patient with us as we try to get back with you. **If it is the day before V-day and it can wait until V-day, please do just plan on addressing it with us at V-day**