ETAGS Spring Retreat Registration

Dear Elevate Student, TA, or Grad Staff,

Thank you for your interest in being a leader on the Velocity Retreat. The fact that you are receiving this application is proof that we think highly of you!! We are grateful for your involvement in leading Velocity up to this point!

Due to the growing number of people wanting to be leader on the Velocity Retreat combined with the fact that middle school students are extremely impressionable, we must have an application process for Velocity Retreat leaders.

We realize that for as long as we are on this earth, our faith is a process and a journey. We are certainly not what we once were, but we are also not yet what we will become! We love each of you and we love that you have expressed interest in being a leader on the Retreat. Please understand that if you are not chosen to be a retreat leader, that does not mean that we think less of you, nor does it mean that your faith is unimportant to us. If you have more questions about this, please feel free to talk to one of the Velocity staff about it! Also, just as a general rule: if you ever have any questions about your faith or you want to grow in your faith but not exactly sure how...please, please approach a Velocity staff! We care so very much about how you are doing spiritually and we want to help you in any way that we can! And please do not be intimidated by the application! If you are struggling with a spot on the application, please contact us before the deadline so we can talk with you further!

Please know that in order to be considered for the Velocity Retreat, you must submit this application by Wednesday, February 12.

After that, we will notify you if you have been chosen as a Velocity Retreat Leader for this year by Wednesday, February 19.

If we notify you that you have been chosen as a leader, then we are expecting you to follow through with the following things:

  1. Attend a training on either Sun, March 8 (3-5pm TA Office) or Tues, March 10 (4-6pm Christ Community church)
  2. Pay a registration fee of $35 by Feb 27th OR $45 by the date of your training. If you go to the TA Spring Retreat, you do not need to pay.
  3. Do a 14-day prayer & devotional guide provided for you at your training
  4. Work the entire retreat from 4:30pm Friday, April 3— 1:45pm ( we are having to shorten the retreat because of Thomas’ wedding) Saturday, April 4

*If money or the training time is the only thing preventing you from being able to be leadership for this retreat, please plan to submit your application by the deadline of Wed, Feb. 12 and let Jackie know of what the conflict is by that deadline.

Scholarships are available for those with financial hardships.

Thank you for all you do for Velocity! We’re happy that we know you and that you are using your gifts to serve others.

ETAGs Spring Retreat Registration

Elevate students, Teen Advisors, and Grad Staff, please complete this registration form in order to apply to be a leader for the Velocity Spring Retreat.